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Firefighting/ Fire Alarm System Supplies & installation

We believe in:

  • Adopting the latest technologies & standards
  • High quality products & services
  • Employee welfare & Teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction

We focus in:

  • To protect and conserve lives and properties from the danger of fire, to be known for reliability, flexibility, responsiveness, innovative products and services, and to crave a clear path towards customer satisfaction; then growth and financial success will naturally follow.
  • To provide complete solutions in fire safety & security to all industry sectors, committed to the latest technology & service.

Corporation staff:
Deep Ocean Est.   consider its team the most important and supports of  its most potential. This staff is the basis for its excellence and depends on it as an important pillar in developing its working mechanisms to suit what it requires in different fields. This team was chosen with high precision and special focus on the experience, academic level and seriousness in work.

Scope of work:

Alarm Systems:

To protect your people and your business:

Whether you are a small business or the largest commercial enterprise, we can customize a powerful, integrated and turn-key security solution for you..

In general alarms consist of a main unit responsible for the operation System and a range of different sensors ( movement sensors, smoke sensors, Sensors open doors and windows, glass break sensors, etc..). And linked to all these components Speaker issued a very strong alert.

We are committed to select the best brands and companies that specialize in this area and we offer it to our customers to suit their requirements.

We put together a team of experienced installers and develop an implementation schedule with you.

We ensure the installation is done efficiently, professionally and hassle-free.

We provide professional training and guide you through the use of the system before turning things over to you and your team..


– we produce professional solutions in the field of fire protection in order to secure your future, to protect the human life and our investments.


– We offer counseling service conforming to the international standards
on performing risk analysis on the building, fire safety, choosing the suitable safety system and the safety precautions.


– Our gaseous fire extinguishing systems are the most effective extinguishing systems. In addition ,they are special systems which eliminate the problems such  as damages, cleaning and workforce arising from the fire like other systems.

– Despite today’s high technology of fire extinguishing systems, both their physical, chemical and commercial advantages and having a very large range of application increases the importance of water and foam more.

Maintenance Services:

  • Annual Maintenance Contract
  • Maintenance and Refilling Fire Extinguishers
  • Maintenance of Fire Hose Reels, Racks and Cabinets
  • Maintenance of Fire Doors
  • Maintenance of Pumps
  • Maintenance of Extinguishing Systems like CO2, Clean Agent, Novec1230, SFFECO 227, Foam System, etc.
  • Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems and Control Panels (Addressable / Conventional)
  • Maintenance of Fire Fighting Systems (Sprinklers)
  • Maintenance of Fire Trucks and Ambulances, etc.

Changing The Way You Fight Fire,

Your Safety Is Our Priority,

Complete Fire Protection Solutions Provider,

Project Worth: 125,000.SAR

Project Worth: 170,000.SAR